How to Have That Difficult Conversation with Your Boss: 3 Steps to Lead You to Productive Conversations

In one study investigating employee experiences with speaking up, 85% of respondents reported at least one occasion when they felt unable to raise a concern with their bosses, even though they believed the issue was important.”
Amy C. EdmondsonConversations with people at work have a strong impact on our careers, stronger than we imagine. Well at least stronger than I ever imagined during my younger days.How you conduct yourself during that conversation, present your argument/ opinion and how you receive the other person’s response; all play a huge part in shaping your career.Through the years, while I outwardly presented myself as a confident, young executive; I often had an internal tussle going on for me. I was always unsure of how to present my thoughts or arguments, especially with someone senior to me.I was nervous about how an opinion from me would be received by my manager, how my HR manager would react if I asked them for a raise, how do I have a meaningful discussion with o…

How to unblock limits to success at work

Every once in a while allow yourself to look at the blue-sky scenario of your life  Have you ever allowed yourself to dream really big? Have you dared to dream big? Visualized your ideal life without any barriers or blocks to it. A blue-sky scenario for your life.Have you done this exercise either for the business you’re running or the one for which you work?A limitless visualization of how you see your life whether professionally or personally is so important. It allows you to dream big. It gives you the permission to think of things you otherwise would never imagine. Give yourself an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.Watch where your imagination goes, watch yourself soar high. Write down those visions somewhere and store them safely. Don’t let any clouds block the view of your blue sky.And. If there are clouds that come into your vision, clouds of doubts that begin to limit your vision, unseen barriers that start creeping in; write those down too.
These are your limiting b…

What is stress? Why do we get stressed? What is Chronic Stress? How do we get control our stress?

What is stress?The definition of stress is stress is a biological and psychological response experienced on encountering a threat that we feel we do not have the adequate resources to deal with the stressor.
Biologically speaking the reaction to stress that occurs in our bodies is a response to the ever so ancient survival mechanism in us humans. Otherwise known as the fight or flight response that occurs in animals to react quickly life-threatening situations.Unfortunately, the stressors in modern times now include traffic jams, work pressure, financial difficulties and relationship problems. However, the response to stress remains as primordial as ever. 
Now for a bit of biology (for the science nerd in me), you can skip this part if not interested!Why do we get stressed?After experiencing a stressful event, the amygdala, the area of the brain responsible for generating emotional responses, sends a distress signal to the hypothalamus. This part of the brain sends signals to communicat…

Stress Buster Tip # 1 - Have you ever heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping?

The underlying principle of Emotional Freedom TechniqueorEFT is that all emotions and thoughts are forms of energy; this energy, whether positive or negative, has very real physical manifestations that affect all functions of the body.The concept of EFT can also be explained as combining acupressure with talking therapy. It involves tapping along the end points of “energy meridians” located around the body in order to reduce tension and promote a deeper mind-body connection. The specific points used for tapping promote physical and emotional healing. This is typically combined with speaking out the emotions that are being experienced by the person at the time. These could be either in conjunction with a past situation or right there in the moment of feeling a certain negative emotion. For example: It can be used right there in the moment to calm one’s self down when experiencing stress or anxiety or anger or even pain.People use EFT tapping techniques for:·Reducing short-term or chron…

YOLO! You Only Live Once!

When was the last time you took a conscious break from work and really enjoyed your time off? The truth is so many of us are so wrapped up in checking the right boxes as soon as we graduate from University and start working, that we forget life is meant to be enjoyed as well.
We make so many sacrifices to reach goals outside of ourselves, we sometimes forget the more meaningful aspects of life.
Life gives us names, designations, responsibilities, roles to play; however, we forget we are also individuals with our own identities. And some where along the way aspects of our own individual goals and individuality get lost.

Yes, life takes over. Some days will seem more overwhelming than others. Other priorities come into play.

Perhaps, we can’t take those leisurely two hours off to ourselves every day or week even. However, we can take off short periods of time to begin with.

🌻 If you can no longer do that hour long workout you used to, take 20 minutes out every other day for yourself.

🌻  Eve…

How balanced is your life?

Have you ever felt that your career has derailed other aspects of your life? Your personal relationships? Your health? How many of us give equal importance to all areas of our lives? 
The question is – have we actually even sat down and divided our life into meaningful areas? There are a lot of questions right here in this post. But that's just the thing. We don’t ask ourselves enough questions. Life is usually divided in to two parts – Professional and Personal. Maybe some of us sub divide the Professional part into Career and Finances. But I’m pretty damn sure there’s little or no thought given to what goes into the “Personal” bucket. Yes, some of us have goals – job, car, family, house, travel (perhaps) and the list could go, but I’m not sure it actually does go on.How important is your health to you? Does it go into your list of goals – if it does, kudos to you. Yes, I know, there’s growing importance to one’s own health (especially nowadays and I AM rolling my eyes here); howev…

Your Now is Not Your Forever

How many times have we had the feeling that the situation we’re in is never going to end? We’re never going to stop feeling so miserable, so stressed or so anxious. In the current circumstances, despite of which part of the globe you’re in, most of us have at some point felt that this lockdown, this feeling of being stuck in our own homes is never going to end.Everyone goes through this at some point in time or the other in their lives. While we’re students, while were young, stressed out working professionals, while we’re anxious parents to young toddlers going through sleep regression right through to your kids’ teenage years; you get my drift - it simply seems never ending!  Well the reality is that life is not static, it is ever changing as are us human beings. However, while we’re in that moment, we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t find the silver lining to that cloud or the lesson to that experience; it seems impossible.That's what happened to me a few …